Elevator and Escalator Consultant Services

Modernization and Construction Services


Is your vertical transportation equipment in need of a modernization?  Is it dated or aged?  Do you know if needs a modernization or just proper maintenance?  

Assessing your vertical transportation equipment, developing a modernization program, specifications, contracts, and project management is a core competency at CMH Elevator Consultants. 

Need to identify how many elevators are needed for your new construction project?  What type of elevators?  Quantity, size, speed, etc.?  Which manufacturers are reliable?  Let CMH Elevator Consultants be of service.  

Maintenance Services


Service provider's standard contracts are written to protect their interests.  A maintenance program should consider your long-term interests and that of your equipment.  If you need assistance, we can provide a variety of tiered approaches. 

It's never too late to evaluate your contract and the services being received.  Allow CMH Elevator Consultants to be of service by performing a service audit to validate the services being provided matches your agreement.  

We can identify shortcomings based on current obligations, or develop new contracts based on your needs. 

Due Diligence Services


What is the condition of your vertical transportation equipment?  Rely on CMH Elevator Consultants to conduct a physical assessment of the equipment, to allow an owner, buyer, lender, etc., to accurately determine the financial implications of deferred maintenance or incomplete deficiencies.  This service often serves to identify the remaining life of your vertical transportation equipment?   If a modernization is recommended we can offer a budget figure as well. 

In need of an assessment to identify the condition of your equipment prior to a capital investment, refinancing, etc.?  Let us help.